SorulX Join Us!

Bringing constant updates to the community!

Welcome warrior! A great task lies ahead...

Massive Dungeons

Explore our masssive 60 floor dungeons with up to 5 friends or by yourself and defeat powerful bosses to gain many great rewards.

Co-op Gameplay

Play together with a friend or someone random in our Co-Op slayer, or take on our hardest bosses for the best gear in the game with multiple people.

Epic Loot

Many great tresures and other rewards await you around SorulX, whether it be near sand, oceans, or mountains. Explore everywhere!


There also achievements to get you ready for the completionist cape yet.

Iron Man Mode

Test your might and your will in this epic game mode. 1 life only. Can you do it?

Unique PVM

Train on a vast playing field with rare drops at reasonable rates

Nex Dungeon

Do you think you can manage nex yet? awesome rewards waiting for you

Grand Exchange

If you need anything you can buy it in the grand exchange!

Bounty Hunter

We have bounty hunter with target kill players now!

Duo Slayer

You can train slayer with a friend so you both get the rewards.

Double XP

Double XP is now active 14 Days are left check it out now!

Trivia System

There is a trivia shop at home do you think you can solve the questions?

Daily Updates

We updating the server daily for new content so you never get boring!

24/7 Online

SorulX is always 24/7 Online and that will never change!

Crashed Stars & Evil Trees

There also crashed stars & evil trees check in your quest tab where they falled!

Well of Goodwill

If someone donates 100M Coins the well of goodwill will grand everyone 2 hours 30% Bonus XP!

Boss Pets & Skilling Pets

If you are lucky you might get a boss pet or a skilling pet while skilling!

Oldschool Bosses

We have oldschool bosses too with great rewards so check it out.

Clan Chats

There are 100% clanchat so perfect for PvM/PvP groups!